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Alexanne Stone

After over 30 years as a top performer in sales and over 27 years as a Neuro-linguistic Progamming (NLP) trainer, Alexanne established herself as a leader in sales, business and life coaching. She cut her teeth selling Apple computers in the early days in Silicon Valley and climbed the corporate ladder to Vice President of International Sales for a software firm in Santa Clara, California. Throughout her career she has won top performance awards and has excelled as a trainer in sales, NLP and DiSC in government agencies, non-profit organizations and corporate America. If you’re ready to take yourself to the next level, whether for your career or your own personal development, learn how Alexanne can help you.

Art has also been her passion since childhood.  Feel free to explore the different mediums she uses, including colored pencil, charcoal, acrylics, watercolor, photography, pen & ink, and her twist for blood, guts and gore makeup know as Moulage. Browse through the categories and enjoy, or choose to have an original piece created for yourself or for friends or family. Explore and learn more about Alexanne’s work.