Welcome to Alexanne Stone's Website
Neuro-linguistic Programming,
Hypnotherapy and
Past Life Regression
Ask NOT who you are now...
Ask who you WERE
...and how that impacts who you are now
in the future

Discover the three most influential components involved in producing human experience:
neurology, language and programming.

NLP uncovers how and where you make and locate your pictures, where you access your
self-talk, and how you create your feelings. Transform yourself as you learn  the techniques of
lasting change
. Experience more self-confidence, deeper personal awareness, greater joy
and a life of abundance.

Access the information that is always stored in your subconscious memory! Hypnotherapy
gives you the power to recall important things and events enabling you and your clients to
resolve trauma, stop unwanted behaviors and habits, and move forward powerfully in your life.

Journey through this life, past lives, ancestral memories and even the lives lived between
Past Life Regression resolves the negative emotions and choices from the past.
You are
free to make new choices in this life based on all you know, not just what you hope
you know in this lifetime. Visit the future and see, hear, and feel how empowered you are now
that you've completed the past.

Are you a coach? Do you want to coach? These tools help you be more dynamic and powerful
with your friends, family and clients! You've stepped into your own greatness. Now help others
step into theirs!

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An artist since childhood, my biggest passion is pets and eyes. Visit here
to see the different mediums for artwork. Browse through the categories
and choose to have an original piece created for yourself, your friends or
your family.

WARNING! The human body is one fun canvas and I love blood, guts and
gore makeup. So, if you're squeamish...stay away from the Moulage page!
Alexanne's painting was the best gift I could have given. She really
understood what I wanted and it showed up on paper! Thank you for
making our birthday celebration so great!
                                                                              - Courtney A.