5 Surprising Ways Your Body Language Affects Your Bottom Line

Your body language speaks a lot on your behalf and will unconsciously influence how others perceive you. In fact, 70-percent of human communication is nonverbal, according to the Aurora Employee Association.

Signs of Poor Body Language

Forbes reports some of the most common signs of poor body language include:

  • Frowning or furrowed brows
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Slumped shoulders
  • Appearing sluggish
  • Standing too close or too far away from others
  • Folded arms
  • Too weak or too firm of a handshake

1. Your Body Language Could Make or Break Sales

How you present yourself resonates with your employees and coworkers. If you are unwilling to put in the effort to appear motivated and engaged, they will follow suit.

Clients and leads are also perceptive of your posture and facial expressions. Appearing sluggish, sad, or unenthused will quickly undermine these clients and leads confidence in the company. In turn, it will quickly deter them from making any purchases.

Alternatively, a smile, strong eye contact, a solid handshake, and energetic demeanor can quickly make a sale and solidify a client for life.

2. Your Body Language Affects Your Employees and Coworkers

Depending on your posture, you could present yourself as a confident, motivated, and friendly individual, reinforcing the strength of the company and it’s values. On the other hand, slumped shoulders, furrowed brows, a frown, or fidgeting could make you appear unconfident, unmotivated, frustrated, or anxious.

How are employees expected to be productive and place their trust in the company when the higher-level employees appear uncaring or upset?

3. Your Body Language Affects Your Mood

Body language also has a hand in regulating your mood. By simply smiling, you can improve your mood and boost your creativity, according to research published in Cognition. Smiling is also contagious.

Additionally, research published in Social Behavior and Personality found that smiling impacted participants willingness to help, as well as their overall helpfulness. Participants who were smiled at also reported feeling more positive after the interaction.

Service with a smile can leave your employees feeling happier and more willing to cooperate with one another. It can also improve the mood of potential leads, increasing the likelihood that they will become patrons and clients.

4. Your Body Language Affects Your Perception

Whether you’re smiling or frowning can also affect how you perceive the world around you, according to research published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. In their study, participants reacted to stimulus different depending on their own facial expressions.

If you are already presenting yourself negatively, even the slightest frustration or tidbit of bad news can send you overboard. Going the extra mile to appear happy and confident, however, lowers your stress levels and increases your ability to handle the everyday stressors of work.

5. Your Body Language Affects Your Memory

Believe it or not, your body language can also affect your memory.

During a study published in Biofeedback, participants found it easier to recall positive memories while expressing positive body language (such as sitting up straight). Participants expressing negative body language (such as slumping over) found it easier to recall more negative memories.

Sitting up straight and relaxing your shoulders can help you remember the last big meeting or important sales call. If you are slumping or frowning, you are more likely to wind up stuck in your own head, dwelling on irrelevant mistakes or regrets that happened in the past.

Signs of Strong Body Language

  • Smiling
  • Making direct eye contact
  • Relaxing your shoulders
  • Appearing enthused, motivated, and energetic
  • Respecting others personal space
  • Relaxing your arms
  • A solid handshake

Your body languages says a lot about you, and in turn, the quality and reputation of the company. Poor body language can take a major toll on you as well as your coworkers and employees productivity and performance. It can also impede sales, affect your, perception, and memory.

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