Alexanne teaches moulage in groups of up to 20 people,
including one-on-one classes.  Let us know if you're
interested in learning the art of Moulage.
Webelos First Aid Training
Preparation for ReadyMan Badge
February 2009
Here...the human body is the canvas!
you'll never look at television or
Once you've played in Moulage,
movies the same way again!
CERT Exercises 2005 - 2009
Arm Laceration with Shrapnel
Burned Arm
Facial Lacerations and Black Eye
Broken Nose and Laceration Closeup
Arm Shrapnel
Glass Shrapnel
Alex and Erin
Halloween Fright Night
Forehead Laceration
Dead People Don't Eat Cake!
Gun Shot Wound
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