Gift Certificates for all Occasions...

If you are running out time for that special occasion, or you are unable to acquire photos without ruining the surprise, then a gift certificate could be the perfect option for you.  Clients can also add
to the value of their certificate for a portrait.

Gift Certificates can be purchased by e-mailing your request and as soon as it is received, I will contact you to confirm. Let me know when ordering if you choose whether or not to disclose the
amount for the certificate. There are many ways you can get a Gift Certificate.  Please read the information below and email me at any time if you have any questions.

Traditional Gift Certificate Cards by Mail...

Our Gift Certificate pack is comprised of a professionally printed, blank 7" x 5" Glossy Card and envelope where you can add your own message. Along with their Gift Certificate, the promotional
pack also includes business cards and a personal letter from us, to the recipient, along with their Gift Certificate. This all arrives in an USPS Priority Mail hard-backed envelope.

Email A Gift Certificate to the Recipient...

If you are really behind with your gift, or you are unable to see the recipient in person,to give them their Gift Certificate, we can e-mail one that is personalized to them, for you, at any time. You can
even schedule it to be sent for a special date.

We have digital versions of our promotional material which we will send along with the certificate so that the recipient can view the material digitally from their e-mails and then head over to the
website to view more of the actual work and information about my art.

Print a Gift Certificate on Your Home Printer...

If you would prefer to do all of your own printing and presentation yourself, I will be delighted to email the Gift Certificate, letter and all of the promotional material for you to print on your home or
office printer.  This way you can package it in your own personal way and hand deliver it to the recipient.

Online Gift Certificate With Webpage...

Coming soon!
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Gift Certificates