About Alexanne Stone

My career in art started in kindergarten when I won a Niagara Falls county-wide coloring contest.  Something in me knew I'd done such a good job that I stood up to receive the award even before my
name was announced!  

Although I was adept at portraits in pencil by the 6th grade, I didn't really pursue art much through the years to come. After enlisting in the Air Force in 1972, I was asked to paint an 11' x 9' mural
honoring the Female Pilot Introductory Program at Williams Air Force Base right outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It was after my military service that I went to college in California and took my first drawing
class using charcoal that I fell in love with drawing again.  

Since that time, I have worked in many different medium, including oils, acrylics, charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencil, and water-color pencil.  After everything I've worked on, I can honestly say that my
passion lies in charcoal and colored pencil drawing.  I love the play of tones when interpreting something from color to black and white.  And I love the detailed color challenges when drawing with
colored pencil.

I believe that I know what the great sculptors mean when they say they saw a statue in a block of marble and that all they had to do was chip away at it until the statue inside emerged.  When drawing, I
experience the paper speaking to me about what color to use and where to put it next.  Many years of experimentation has led to being impassioned with the study of eyes.

I started drawing animals a few years ago and since, that time, have become really intrigued with animal eyes.  Starting with the animal eyes, I have begun to see people's eyes in a different way now
too.  I can see so many different qualities and am now starting down the path of drawing the eyes that move my soul.

It has often been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  As windows
of the soul, you can see into the being inside those eyes.  It is my dream to do an exhibit of eyes that reflect the qualities of
human life.  I am looking into many eyes right now as I find those who speak back as the eyes for this exhibit.  If you believe your eyes should be part of this exhibit, definitely email me to talk more.

I've lived all over the United States and am currently residing in Reno, Nevada.  I love the contrast here between the mountains - especially when snow-capped - and the high desert.  Springtime
blooming under snow capped mountains is breathtaking!  Looking to share my art locally, I am soon beginning a project to teach drawing to youth in our community.  Please feel free to email me if you
would like more information about the program.

My other passions are knitting and crocheting.  I can spend hours and hours creating something with my hands and love to give my creations as gifts.

It is my honor to share this work with you and it will be my honor to look into your eyes and see your soul!

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